Company Origin

With his 15 years of experience as a creative director, unique aesthetics insight, and customer-centered service in “Yumon”, a wedding ceremony counsel company, the founder as well as the CEO of New Age Holding brings a high-end classic brand foundation to the company. In recent years, he further collaborates with other various brands and develops marketing service projects with more diversity, expanding the company throughout Asia and Pacific area while earning recognition with all-round services.

The origin of New Age Holding gives a deeper meaning in its Chinese name.

” (meaning “three”): Indicates multiple times or amount, presenting comprehensive services; additionally, it emphasizes three founding core of the company: “Creativity”, “Service”, and “Quality”.

“壐” (meaning “seal”): The surface meaning is the “seal of kings”. One who has the seal possesses the will and trust of kings, meaning that we are the leaders at the top in this industry. Of its second meaning, the Chinese character can be separated into “” (“you”) and “” (“ground”), implying “your” opinions and requests are what we must do to the “ground”. The “ground” of New Age Holding is forged by “you”.

Brand Spirit

Unlimited Dreamer

From “Impossible” to “I’m possible”

Taking creativity, service, and quality as the basis, we accurately hit your request to the brand, making projects that can touch your soul.


We have creative talents and planning elites from various places in Greater China.

With thorough and comprehensive planning of “Perfect Strategy”, “Creative and Trending Topics”, and “Experiences Practice”, our team never stops challenge to our maximum.

Presenting our goal in accuracy is our driving force.


Team Mission

We know that customers trust us because we can present the core of activities in the “most beneficial” way.

Therefore, merely “achieving the goal” is not enough.

Thinking “on the perspective” of them and creating maximum value is our mission.